Providing one of the cheapest hourly plumbing rates in London, we offer a first class service at a budget price!

Our Rates

We provide a transparent and honest pricing system and our staff will ensure that you are fully aware of costs throughout our works.

Our Trades Mon-Fri
and Sunday
and Sunday
After 6pm
Plumbers £60 £90 £90 £110
Gas engineers £70 £95 £95 £120
Boiler servicing from £80 £100 £100 £125
Gas safety Checks from £80 £100 £100 £125
Drain Jetting from * £130      

* Drain jetting provided by pre approved service providers


We charge a minimum of one hour for all visits, thereafter labour is charged in 15 minute increments and is subject to VAT. Verbal or written quotes can be provided by our team prior to commencing any work.


All materials supplied by us will be charged at cost plus an agreed mark up- typically 20% and are subject to VAT.

Should the need arise any parts that require ordering may be subject to a material collection charge. This will be agreed in advance with you and will not exceed our hourly labour rate.

Invoicing and Payment

Our invoice will provide a full break down of costs, showing labour and materials along with a description of works done. Once you are satisfied with works done, we will request an authorised person to sign our worksheet to confirm that you are satisfied with works done. We will then request payment credit/debit card, cheque or cash to the engineer upon receipt of the invoice. A small charge may be made for payments made by credit card to cover transaction costs.